What does distinguish us?

Comprehensive care for the company

We ensure comprehensive care for employees, from quick diagnostics, through medical consultation, hospital treatment, up to rehabilitation. Having over 20 Specialist Clinics and 11 Diagnostic Laboratories, with an in-house analytical laboratory, we can perform all necessary medical procedures for a Patient within one day.

Additionally, we conduct consultations at the company premises, offer cooperation of the Occupational Medicine Doctor in the company OSHA commissions, prepare opinions for accident commissions and assist in organising first-aid courses.

Health care services at the highest level

We render services at the European level, for which we received ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management Certificate. We have modern medical equipment supported by the IT network, ensuring all medical procedures are quick and efficient.

Well-qualified Occupational Medicine Doctors

Our doctors are experienced specialists with extensive academic record. All activities provided for in the Occupational Medicine Act are undertaken solely by a team of specialists, as required by the Occupational Medicine Act.  Thus we ensure professional and efficient obtaining of all medical certificates.

Efficient and friendly organisation

KCM is a modern and fully computerised clinic, at which all formal issues are arranged quickly and efficiently. Every company using our occupational medicine services receives assistance from an individual Attendant, who coordinates processes related to obtaining required certificates and reminds about their termination date