What makes us different?

Comprehensive care and a personal approach

We understand that each patient is unique in their needs, therefore every patient, who comes through our doors, has a medical plan that is tailored exclusively to them. We ensure comprehensive care from the point of first contact, through specialist consultations, diagnostics and treatment to postsurgery rehabiliation. We do our best to make this process as quick and efficient, as possible, so that you can get back to enjoying the best of what life has to offer.

Professional personnel

Our team at KCM Clinic consists of some of the best specialists in their respective fields of work. Our doctors are highly qualified and experienced, having contributed to scientific literature and medical advancements. They continue to broaden their medical knowledge and acquire new skills continously by regularly attending workshops and participating in conferences. Most importantly, our staff are passionate about their job and are committed to providing patients with world-class medical care.

Innovative medical technology

KCM Clinic is at the forefront in medical technology use, using only the most advanced medical and diagnostic equipment available on the market. We are the only private hospital in Poland to use state-of-the-art 3D endoscopes from OLYMPUS for both Gynaecology and Bariatric Surgery. We ensure the highest standards of safety and regularly set the benchmark for patient satisfaction.

Partnership with Johnson & Johnson

JnJ is an organisation of partner hospitals around the world in different specialisations. We work together with world-class specialists to exchange scientific knowledge and skills to advance medical care and practice into the future.

Comfort, quality, and a smile

KCM Clinic meets the highest EU standards for patient services and our facilities are adapted to accomodate patients with mobility issues. We offer high-standard single and double rooms with private bathrooms, TV, Internet and Wi-Fi. Our clinic is located in the centre of the city with convenient access to public transport services, as well as our own car park and ambulance ramp. All medical procedures are conducted in our modern, upgraded hospital equipped with cutting-edge-technology. We do our best to ensure a comfortable, stressfree, and pleasant experience with us.