Dental surgery

Dental and Orthognathic Surgery 1 Day Surgery Ward

Specialist consultation with pantomography

Genioplastic surgery- mental protuberance correction

Osteoplastic surgery for prognathism/ retrognathism/ laterognathism

Jaw corticoctomy Le Fort I

Surgical treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

Post-traumatic teeth splinting

Conservative treatment (splinting) of a broken jaw or mandible

Post-traumatic tooth repositioning or re-implanting

Surgical treatment of broken alveolar process

Surgical treatment of simple jaw or mandibular fraction

Autogenic bone graft from facial skeleton

Autogenic bone graft from the iliac crest

Surgery for jaw/mandibular cyst

Surgery for jaw/mandibular cyst with biomaterial filling

Surgery for jaw/mandibular cyst with iliac graft

Surgery for an oroantral fistula with sinus surgery

Mandibular sinus surgery

Radical surgery for jaw cysts, with biomaterial grafts

Maxillary sinus floor lift - closed method

Maxillary sinus floor lift  - open method

Sinus Lift (Maxillary sinus floor lift) with biomaterial

Teeth extraction at the operating theatre

Placing of a zygomatic implant

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