Eye Laser Therapy Laboratory

Eye microsurgery, Imaging diagnostics and Laser therapy centre

Eye Imaging Diagnostics Laboratory
Fluorescein retinal angiography  - funduskamera Kowa
Retinal nerve fibre layer, RNFL, examination (OCT)
OCT imaging with SLO  (laser scanning) Spectral  f. OTI
OCT imaging with SLO Spectral with retinal nerve fibre layer, RNFL, examination
Microperimetry (OCT) – early glaucoma and early retinal lesion diagnosis
High resolution ocular A and B Diagnostic sonography scan, Ellex -unilateral (bilateral)
Eye Laser Therapy Laboratory
YAG Tango Ellex Laser (laser therapy for cataract and iris)
SLT Tango Ellex Laser  (laser therapy for glaucoma )
Green Diode Solitare Laser (laser therapy for vascular lesions)
Laser therapy of retina in diabetes
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