Microscopic Endodontics

Microscopic Endodontics

prices include radiovisiography

Endodontic consultation (canal treatment planning)

Microscope root canal treatment, incisor

Microscope root canal treatment, premolar

Microscope root canal treatment, molar

Pulp devitalisation and dressing of the cavity

Complete preparation and disinfection of a root canal - each canal

Root canal temporary filling - each canal

Dead teeth bleaching, 1 tooth - 1 visit

Root canal filling- 1 canal

Root canal filling- 2 canals

Root canal filling- 3 canals

Direct pulp sealing - pulp exposure covering with MTA

Extirpation of devitalised tooth pulp - each canal

Vital pulp extirpation - each canal

Additional payment, microscope root canal treatment, incisor

Additional payment, microscope root canal treatment, premolar

Additional payment, microscope root canal treatment, molar

MTA sealing of perforation or apex

Tooth reconstruction for prosthetic crown on glass fibre

Repeat endodontic treatment (re- endo) - 1 canal

Removal of prosthetic crown

Foreign body removal from a canal (post, tool)

Microscope qualification and preparing for canal treatment and prosthetic reconstruction

Glass fibre crown-root inlay

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