Radiology Diagnoistics

Our Radiographic Dental Diagnostics Laboratory operates on the cutting-edge equipment from Owanda and provides a full range of radiographic diagnostics, in form of:

  • individual tooth images (RVG – digital radiovisiography)
  • pantomography- for comprehensive diagnostics, an image of all teeth, maxillary bones and surrounding structures
  • cephalometric images – lateral scull imaging showing hard structures and soft tissues

We perform 3D cone beam tomography with the Owanda apparatus with the unique broad imaging range – necessary in modern planning of implantologic treatment, in maxillary and sinus surgery.

Radiology Diagnoistics

Pantomorgraphic teeth X-ray

Orthodontic X-ray (panoramic + posterior-lateral cephalometry)

Temporomaxillary image TMJ digital

Intraoral RVG spot image

Semipanoramic digital image

Digital frontal teeth image

Digital sinus image

Digital cephalometric bite-wing images

Digital posterior-anterior cephalometric images

3D tomography - whole oral cavity

3D tomography - temporomaxillary

Description of 3D tomographic image

3D tomography - maxillary sinuses

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