We also qualify for surgical procedures at our Urology Ward with the comprehensive Nephrolithiasis Treatment and Endourology Laser therapy Centre, where in the stressless, comfortable conditions highly specialized, minimally invasive procedures are conducted in the one-day mode.

Urology clinic
Urological consultation
Transrectal diagnostic sonography of the prostate , TRUS
Sonography-guided transrectal prostate biopsy with histopathological test
Sonography-guided diagn. puncture and renal cyst decompression with cytological test
Testicular hydrocoele puncture
Smear with antibiogram
Urethral swab with full panel culture (CHLAMYDIA, UREAPLASMA, MYCOPLASMA, OTHER)
Suprapubic catheter replacement with FOLEY catheter
Renal access catheter replacement or removal
Urinary bladder catheter replacement or placement (Foley's catheter)
Urinary bladder catheter removal
Consultation and dressing replacement
Consultation and sutures removal
Urethral calibration
Urodynamic test (full)
Histopathological test for thick needle biopsy, more than 12 cores
Histopathological test for thick needle biopsy up to 12 cores
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