Dental care

We use the latest dental care and implant techniques with the modern dental equipment.

We use the latest dental care and implant techniques with the modern dental equipment.

A beautiful smile, healthy and white teeth do not have to be an unattainable dream any more, and a visit to a dentist – an unpleasant experience. Modern dental treatment techniques yield expected results without pain and stress.


  • Another Orthopaedics
    Hallux Surgery with Osteotomy and use of absorbable Bioimplants
    Ancle Joint-Stabilization with low contact plate LCP and implant screws
  • Hip Artroscopic surgery (Minimally Invasive Surgery)
    Hip arthroscopy - diagnostic
    Hip artrhroscopy with removal of loose body
    Hip arthroscopy with debridement / shaving of articular cartilage
    Hip arthroscopy with synovectomy
    Hip arthroscopy with decompression of femoroacetabular impingement
    Hip arthroscopy with labrum repair
  • Shoulder Replacement (Minimally Invasive Surgery)
    Shoulder total replacement, cementless Comprehensive Total Elbow Zimmer Biomet prosthesis
  • Shoulder Arthroscopic surgery (Minimally Invasive Surgery)
    Arthroscopic shoulder surgery with subacromial decompression
    Arthroscopic shoulder surgery - Rotator Cuff Repair
    Arthroscopic shoulder surgery with reconstruction of Labrum and implants
  • Elbow Replacement (Minimally Invasive Surgery)

    Elbow Replacement, Coonrad/Morrey Total Elbow Zimmer prosthesis

  • Knee Arthroscopic surgery (Minimally Invasive Surgery)
    Knee arthroscopy with shaving and cartilageplasty
    Knee arthroscopy with Meniscus repair and cartilageplasty
    Knee arthroscopy - free bodies removal
    Arthroscopic knee surgery with MPFL repair
    Arthroscopic Meniscus repair with grafts and biological implants
    Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair with grafts and cartilageplasty
    Arthroscopic reconstruction ACL (Repair) with ST Method ST/ Endobutton
    Arthroscopic reconstruction ACL (Repair) with BTB Method  and PEEK implants
    Arthroscopic reconstruction ACL (Repair) with Bioimplants
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